English is the fastest-spreading language

april 28, 2018 Sarah Kristoffersen 1 comment

“English is the fastest-spreading language in human history and is spoken by approximately 1.75 billion people worldwide—that’s one in every four of us.”

English has become the international language of business as three-quarters of the world’s business communication is in English. It is a language that unites people and companies from different countries and language and allows them to communicate in a clear and effective way and carry out professional tasks efficiently. However, there is a need to be sufficiently proficient in English so there are no misunderstandings. Learning the correct vocabulary for each situation and practising your verbal and written skills helps you to make your point faster.
The probability that you will need to use your English communications skills in your daily work and your private life are relatively high. Approximately 1000 new words are added each year to the English language so there is always room to improve your level of English. Take the challenge in 2018 to develop and improve your English communication skills. Which vocabulary do you need to know in English for your job? Are you making calls and conference calls in English, writing emails, taking part in meetings, being involved in negotiations, giving instructions, promoting and selling your products at trade fairs and making presentations. To be more effective and accurate with your English contact Sarah at Inspire and Aspire for your first free consultation to determine your specific needs.

1 Comment on “English is the fastest-spreading language

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