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april 28, 2018 Sarah Kristoffersen 1 comment

“English is the fastest-spreading language in human history and is spoken by approximately 1.75 billion people worldwide—that’s one in every four of us.” English has become the international language of business as three-quarters of the world’s business communication is in English. It is a language that unites people and companies from different countries and language and allows them to communicate in a clear and effective way and carry out professional tasks efficiently. However, there is…

oktober 28, 2017 Sarah Kristoffersen No comments exist

Today is the last day of summer time and remember tomorrow to put all your clocks and watches back ONE hour. A good way of remembering the hour-change rule is the common saying ” Spring forward-Fall back.” The American word for Autumn (höst) is Fall. Enjoy one more hour of sleep and have a great weekend.

juni 13, 2017 Sarah Kristoffersen 1 comment

My journey to becoming a sole trader.   I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. On my father’s side of the family I am a descendant of a railway entrepreneur whose enterprise made York, in the north of England, a major railway and commercial hub in the 19th century. Another was my great- great- grandfather who started a printing business in 1866 in North Yorkshire. He managed to combine this interest with his other…